Never Sell a Cheap Jesus

Take up the cross just as Jesus did..."All you have to do get into heaven is believe that Jesus existed." That's the sort of thing you'll hear when you walk into churches around the US; it's not true.

Of course the only technical requirement to getting into heaven is to have Faith in Jesus, but Faith requires so much more than believing that Jesus existed. It requires belief; yes. More than that, it requires acting upon that belief.

Think of what James 2:19 says: You believe there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that; and shudder.

So maybe it isn't only 'belief' that saves a person's soul.

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Why I Will NOT be Drinking on my 21st Birthday

Somehow, 21 is an age where we are supposed to decide to do unhealthy things to our bodies. At least that's what people keep telling me. Sure, they haven't yelled "Hey J.T., do unhealthy things to your body!" but they have decided that my decision to remain sober on my 21st birthday is highly unusual.

Beyond drinking, I'm expected to get completely plastered on my 21st birthday.

That's what I'm told by my coworkers at least. That's what they did, that's what their friends have and will do, and that's what they generally expect everyone to do. Getting plastered on the 21st is a societal norm.

The government's restriction on alcohol has created an extremely unhealthy and dangerous tradition. Getting plastered is no longer immoral; it's expected.

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Ridiculous Tweets... for Jesus

We've all been there; we browse Twitter and come across something that doesn't quite sound right. We look at the bottom of the Tweet, and it somehow has hundreds of re-tweets and we're left with our brains hurting from the mishap in logic that decided to make an appearance in our feed.

It gets worse. There are those who will post ridiculous things, in hopes that it will bring more people to Jesus. I follow lots and lots of people on Twitter who are very strong, passionate Christians. Unfortunately, that doesn't always translate to the ability to make logical Tweets.

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Tell me How to Live my Life!

I have no idea the origin of the phrase, "Don't tell me how to live my life." It probably came from a bad rap song or something, but people have taken it to heart and I therefore must debunk it.

Before you comment, Don't Tell me How to Make my Images!

Usually people just use the phrase when joking around, but as with everything these days, there are people who take it as a life lesson. It's become an excuse to do the stupidest things possible to themselves.

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Equality is Unfair

Usually, you hear people say "life is unfair" when things seem unequal. That is, if someone else is better off than someone else, that is usually the occasion where you'll hear third parties spouting off their counter-comforting statement.

I disagree. If things were perfectly equal, that would truly be unfair. Let me explain.

I could list tens of situations where one person being treated the same as another would be unfair.

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How Blind Faith is Killing your Religion

What if I told you that faith and blindness are not mutually inclusive concepts? In other words, being blind isn't a requirement for faith, and being faithful doesn't require blindness.

Don't kill Christianity...
Despite popular belief, the strongest believers have very strong reasons for their faith. Maybe they have a personal connection to God, have theological and historical reasons for their belief, or something about the message rings true to their core in a way they can't explain.

That being said, there's a myth permeating culture today that is extremely detrimental to the Christian faith and faith in general. Something isn't right about the way we teach people to believe, completely contrary to the way things should be done.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y50 Gaming Laptop Unboxing Video

My Lenovo Y50 finally arrived! I could tell you about how amazing it looks, how well it performs, and how fun it was to unbox it... but maybe you should take a look for yourself.

If you enjoyed the video and simply want to check out the Lenovo Y50 and it's specs for yourself, use this link:

...but I also typed more words here just to be thorough. Keep on reading to hear why I made this unboxing video and learn more about the Y50.

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