10 Beautifully Hilarious Ways to Survive Classroom Boredom

Whether in college, high-school, or stuck in some other educational institution, you probably have at least one class that places you in a near-instant coma as soon as you walk through the threshold of the door. These extremely thought-out suggestions will help combat that unfortunate slumber inducement. Results will vary based on the severity of your boredom.

How to resist dying of boredom in class.

1. Collect pencil taxes and distribute them to the students who forgot to bring pencils.

2. Count all the gum from the bottom of your desk.

3. Perform a one-man flash mob.

4. LARP.

5. Belly laugh at the professor's jokes.

6. Ponder the possibility of the existence of the platypus species. How can you have part bird, fish and beaver?

7. Sit on your desk. Organize your papers on your chair.

8. Doodle something simple, like Mona Lisa.

9. Listen to what the teacher says. Just kidding, that would be ridiculous.

10. Think up a blog post. When else would I invent this stuff?

Do you want to create numbers 11→∞? Feel free to comment with your ideas below. If I like them, I'll add them to the below list. Ideas will also be added from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ replies.

11.  Fold an entire pack of post-it notes into a paper crane army.