Have Trouble Focusing on Writing? I Just Discovered My Own Method

It seems that my number one issue when trying to write something is finding the motivation to write when there are distractions floating around. Distractions can come in the form of the other 6 people (and two cats) in my house, my phone, the internet, or even my own thoughts. This can be especially detrimental when I have an essay to write and don't get it done until everyone else has gone to sleep and my tiredness keeps the distractions temporarily at bay.

The Method

Yesterday while writing a research essay I stumbled upon a solution. A bizarre revelation hit me and I began listening to Gregorian Chant with some headphones. Almost instantly I was able to focus on writing that research essay. Believe it or not, I managed to write about 5 pages of essay in a row without being significantly distracted.

The Reason

Gregorian chant has very little going on at once but still manages to be exceedingly beautiful. That means you get the brain stimulation of listening to good music without being distracted by the music itself, it blocks out noise, and it calms you down enough so that you can focus on writing instead of different things. Additionally, the lyrics aren't English and therefore do not take up valuable thought processes.

The Music

Don't believe that this works? Go start up a Pandora station with Gregorian chant. Once you get over the initial novelty of the music, you'll find yourself starting to get quite relaxed.

The Results

Find something to write, put on your Gregorian Chant and report back to this page in an hour or so. How did it go? Do you have a style of music that works best for you? Comment with your results below.