Now Marks the End of the Procrastination Nation: How to Stop Procrastinating

Sweat beading on my forehead, the image of what I needed to do rapidly repeated in my brain, I reached for my pencil. I whispered to myself "don't procrastinate, don't procrastinate, don't..." A minute of straining later, my pencil finally grazed the paper and I found myself speaking aloud as I laboriously wrote, "T-h-e". My heart rejoiced. My mission accomplished, I chucked the pencil over my shoulder and turned to my computer where I had my Facebook feed waiting like a lonely puppy. Unfortunately, it took about 999 more of those heart-wrenching moments before I had something that resembled an essay.

This is a very real scenario which affects millions of essay-writing teens every semester. Unfortunately, a person can go their entire life without knowing that there is a solution to procrastination.

Today, I have found a gloriously brilliant solution.

First, let's look at the definition of procrastination. Procrastination is putting off an action to be done at a later time, sometimes with the consequence of not doing that action at all. A lot of time, the advice people give to procrastinators is to simply not procrastinate. However, it sometimes seems as though procrastination is embedded in our souls as the only possible pathway to happiness.

Why prevent procrastination when you can embrace it, and still get things done? Simply procrastinate procrastinating things. If you put off putting things off, then you will end up not putting those things off. If you end up having a problem with procrastinating procrastinating procrastinating things, then the new simple solution is to procrastinate procrastinating procrastinating procrastination, which will give you the result of putting off your procrastination of putting off your original procrastination, which should give you the optimal result.

Results may vary.