Welcome to Our New Home!

As you are probably noticing by reading this post, this blog has taken on a new theme, a new title, description, format, and is now integrated with +Google+ (see?).

Wordpress is more trouble than it is worth
J.T. Smith - Officially putting the ax to self-hosting a Wordpress blog.

In recent history, most of the professional bloggers out there were using a self-hosted WordPress.org blog; so I did too. However, instead of emptying out the contents of my wallet every month to satisfy the hungry heathens that host websites, I instead went with a really crappy free host.

I literally could not log into my own blog 70% of the time, and if I did happen to have inspiration for a post (which doesn't come easy), there was virtually no way I could write it and publish it in one sitting without having to worry about my host messing up somewhere along the way. Obviously, that sort of thing is discouraging and I stopped writing posts on my personal blog and moved on to other projects.

One of my other projects was a Blogger blog, and I was blown away by the amount of customization and features that Google provides for free!

The Bottom Line:
Yeah, its probably time for the bottom line...
The Bottom Line
Instead of hosting my own Wordpress blog and constantly worrying about functionality and problems with my web host, I decided to transfer all my posts to Blogger.

So in the course of the last week, I performed a complete transfer of all the blog content and set everything up so that I am now ready to publish content here whenever I want.

You might also want to try out the new Google+ comments below every post and tell me what you think about my decision to move blogging platforms!