10 Halloween Costumes That Should be Worn Year Round

This upcoming Halloween, I’m sure a billion blogs will tell you what Halloween costumes you should buy from them, and why those are their favorites. About a hundred other blogs will tell you what Halloween costumes are their least favorites.

Only this blog will tell you which Halloween costumes you should wear on days other than Halloween.

Note: When reading this list, don’t let your creativity get bogged down by something silly, like logic. Instead just stop, close your eyes, and envision someone wearing each costume to everyday life events like a business meeting or college lecture.
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10. Mafia Boss
Let’s start off with something that almost resembles normal clothing, though is quite superior. Wearing a mafia costume, you can be the dominant personality in any room and immediately gain tons of random hit-men who will do anything you want for a small fee (believe me, I’ve tried.)
Wear a mafia pinstripe costume 365 days of the year.
Be a Gangsta!

9. Sumo Wrestler
Do people give you weird looks when you stuff food into your face at rates surpassing 3 pounds a minute? Well, wear this costume and you finally have an excuse!
Go be a Fat Sumo!

8. A Chicken
Both chickens and politicians are able survive a long time without a brain. If you are a politician, you might as well wear a chicken costume because you probably share the same ancestry.
Politician Costume!

7. Sensei Beard
Many people dress up as ninjas, so there is a significant force waiting to be commanded by someone with the proper facial hair. Pretend to be a Sensei and control all the ninjas in the universe!
Senseify Yo’ Self!

6. Swimming Trunks
Okay, this one really isn’t a costume. That being said, wouldn’t it be great to wear swimming trunks to a business meeting or a lecture hall? I think life would be more fun if everyone was ready to jump into a body of water at any instant.

5. Barack Obama
Feeling presidential? Want free stuff? I’m sure if your Obama costume is convincing enough you can get into any party, talk your way into free stuff, and launch nuclear missiles for fun.
Obama Mask!

4. PandaCam
Everyone loved pandacam! The government shutdown killed the pandacam, so there is serious demand for people to walk around as pandas on a day-to-day basis.
Replace Pandacam!

3. Jesus
As we all know, Christians are supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus. When any situation comes around, asking themselves “WWJD” almost always ends with optimal results. The problem is that most Christians forget that they are supposed to emulate Jesus on a daily basis. That’s why wearing a Jesus costume would be perfect. What better way to remember to act like someone than to pretend to actually be that person?

I submit that if everyone in the world pretended to be Jesus everyday; war would instantly stop, the poor would have something to eat, and some of us would make up some pretty epic parables.
WWJD? Wear His Own Beard!

2. Jedi
You probably knew this one was coming. The scientific plausibility behind lightsabers is actually improving with recent discoveries, so you should probably get acquainted with the force and start your training as soon as possible. What better way to get the upper hand in force manipulation than to wear a Jedi costume everywhere to keep you in that Jedi mindset? If you aren’t sure whether to join the dark side or stay on the good side of the force upon the release of lightsabers, that’s perfectly fine. It worked for Anakin didn’t it?
Be One With the Force!

1. Darth Vader
Not only would wearing a Darth Vader costume keep you well-prepared for the oncoming lightsaber release and get you well acquainted with the dark side of the force, but it would also look really cool. If Darth Vader walked around on the inner city streets, do you think anyone would mess with him? No! Being Darth Vader automatically gives an insane amount of street cred. In fact, studies show that being Darth Vader gives the largest proportion of street cred to time investment ratio out of any other costume in the universe by a factor of 300%.

While you are being DV, don’t go with a horrid knockoff costume. Get the legit, realistic collector’s edition costume:
Who doesn’t want mad street cred as DV?

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