5 Reasons why Congress should Actually Act More like Children

Congressmen should act more like children
I have literally seen hundreds of people stating that they think Congress is acting like children. These people say they need to "grow up" and "act like adults." Well, I completely disagree and think that Congress being too old is exactly the problem.

Many people will see a criticism on social media or the news, and just repeat that criticism over and over. Such is why you can log onto Twitter, look at the hashtag #governmentshutdown and instantly see people using this exact argument.

The weirdest part is that they present their opinion as a solution to the government shutdown, like "if only Congress grew up, that would somehow solve all our problems." As a tribute to all these people with awkward logic skills, I decided to make this list of 5 reasons Congress should "grow down."

So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why being more like children would solve many of Congress's problems.
  1. Pride: One of the largest problems with Congress is that they have too much pride to cooperate with each other. Each party assumes that they are right, and will not take anything but their own opinions into consideration. Children are more likely to abandon their pride and, while they have short attention spans, are more likely to actually listen to what each other has to say.
  2. Cooperation: Children don't hold grudges as much as adults. Adults realize that as separate parties, they are supposed to hate each other. If Congress were more like children, then every person their age is a potential friend instead of an enemy based on party affiliation.
  3. Political Agenda: Congressmen don't always do stuff for what they think is the greater good. Instead, they often try to benefit their own political agenda. If they were more like children, this wouldn't be an issue.
  4. Adaptability: Children are more willing to adapt to change than adults. They can actually respond to the change in public opinion instead of always going back to the same answers.
  5. Less Oldness: In old age, memories and brain power waver in many people. I'm sure there are a few Congressmen who suffer from the brain related effects of aging. If they were more like children, they wouldn't have these problems.
Are you like me? Do you go beyond the normal yelling at Congress telling them to "grow up", when really that may be the problem? Shout out in the comments or give me a tweet at @brainofJT