Zero to Infinity: J.T. Smith's Win Google Plus Campaign

Now begins my Win Google Plus Campaign. You can help me win by spreading this post and/or a link to my profile in your Google Plus activities.

At the time of writing this sentence I have 31 followers, so any numbers you see below reflect my growth after using the strategies mentioned.

I want to document every step of the way so that future G+ users can replicate my success. The plan is to periodically document important milestones in the form of "updates" which describe my growth during that time period.

Win Google Plus Updates

Update 1 (10/16/12):
I created an event entitled "Win Google Plus" and started inviting people to it. I can already see a little increase in followers from the initial 31 that I wrote about earlier today.

Update 2 (10/30/2013):
My campaign to win G+ is going pretty good to this point. I have 256 followers at the time of this update, which means I'm 0.0256% of the way toward my goal of 1 million followers. To get here so far, I've been posting funny statuses on communities and done a little bit of circle sharing.

Update 3 (11/25/2013):
I hit 2000 followers on November 25th. In the last couple weeks I've focused on circle sharing and commenting/plussing other people's public circles. Usually this behavior encourages them to include you in the next version of that circle which then gets you great exposure and immediate followers! Special thanks to +Scott Buehler+Circles+Michael Q Todd+Daniel Stock and numerous other people for being such powerhouses at circle sharing! I embedded a circle share below to show you how they work and the basic concept behind them.

Update 4 (1/3/2014):
Today I'm going to hit 5,000. Hard to believe I went from 0-5000 in a manner of less than 4 months. Just look at when this post was published. At that time, I had almost no followers. Here's a graph from +CircleCount that shows my growth from October to December 30.

Update 5 (2/16/2014):
I currently have 7,378 followers. My strategy right now is to post #Pundamentals Pictures which get hundreds of shares every week. So far these shares aren't converting to massive gains in followers, but my hope is that continued exposure to my name and profile image on G+ will have an exponential effect on each person's willingness to click that follow button.

Update 6 (4/2/2014):
As of today, I have 8430 followers. Google Plus recently implemented a view count on profiles, and I decided to note here that my view-count on G+ is significantly large for 8,430 followers. Just check out the below post which I updated March 31 to see what I mean.


This is all possible thanks to my loyal blog supporters! Whether you subscribe via RSS, bookmark this blog, or just keep tabs via social networks, you make all my effort worthwhile.

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