Ongoing List of Junk I Can't Believe the Government Is Funding

This panda is cutely non-essential.
Cute, but non-essential panda.
The government shutdown beginning October 1st, 2013 really brought to light some of the government's crazy and seemingly useless spending. I decided to make an ongoing list of all the programs that seem to me to be pretty wasteful and could be given back to the US citizens in the form of lower taxes.

Note: This is an ongoing list, which means you should bookmark this page and check back periodically to see how the list has grown. Also, please suggest more programs to be included on this list by commenting or giving me a tweet @BrainofJT

1. Pandacam... and 15 Other Live Webcams
Probably the single worst casualty of the #governmentshutdown is the loss of the Giant Pandacam from the national zoo. While pandas are cute, being able to watch them 24/7 is not something the government needs to be spending on. Like many things on this list, if there are significant demands for a program it will be covered by the free market in the form of advertisements and donations.

For instance, the San Diego Zoo makes enough money from the free market to have it's own Pandacam not supported by taxpayer dollars.

2. Golf Courses
Believe it or not, the government funds multiple golf courses! This is another portion of wasteful spending that the government should really just abandon right now. I recommend they sell the golf courses to the highest bidder and use that money to pay like .00001% of the national debt... or they could just give them to me for free. Just like the Pandacam, if there is significant demand for golf courses the free market will keep them running without gov. assistance.

The National Endowment for the Arts have given over $4 billion to art projects since its inception. Now I'm a somewhat artistic guy, but the free market should be more than sufficient to provide for the undertaking of the arts. Especially with websites like KickStarter, any project which there is significant demand for can receive funding just by being a cool idea. No need for government to spend tax payer dollars on such things.

4. Cowboy Poetry and Humanities
As the wise and elloquent Sarah Palin put it in 2011:
Then during the shutdown.
If you watch the video, you notice Harry Reid said that "they have no right to pick and choose." Last time I checked, that is exactly what they are supposed to do. Not picking and choosing is part of why we are almost $17 trillion in debt. BTW the House wants to save cancerous children, but not the non-cancerous cowboys who like poetry.

5. Coming Soon