J.T. Smith's Twitter War with President Obama over Government Shutdown

Obamacare will be like shredding 4 Trillion of these
 photo credit: photosteve101 cc
The #governmentshutdown has caused some serious issues to surface including that of partisanship and lack of cooperation on both sides. Obama has repeatedly blamed the Republicans 100% and is refusing to take any credit for the shutdown. I'm not here to say that the Republicans are not at fault (since they did sort of make the shutdown a bargaining tool for defunding Obamacare), but I will share with you the reasoning behind why Obama is downright wrong in this case.

Here is one of his recent tweets:
To which I responded:
This, of course, is a true statement. All of the people in the universe with counting skills are saying that Obamacare isn't going to do what it promised (though we knew that when he proposed it.)

Case A: Premiums will go up by $7450 on average for family of 4 - Forbes.
Case B: Obamacare Hurts Job Market - CNBC
Case C: Obamacare to cost $4 Trillion in 20 years

Then, feeling the power of Twitter, I added:
A simple economic analysis would have shown that Obamacare would hurt the economy in the first place. As cost of labor for companies goes up, demand for labor for companies goes down. As demand for insurance goes up (especially when that demand has pre-existing conditions), price of insurance goes up.

If politicians would look at economics, do some research, and crunch some numbers, the US would be a much better place!

Update (10/2/13)
This new post by Obama sounds like pure dictatorship to me... isn't US supposed to be BY the people for the people?

That being said, I would love to hear a response from President Obama! Follow me on Twitter and show your support for a response from Obama's Twitter team. I'll update on this page if anything interesting happens.