When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Coffee

You've heard the saying hundreds of times... "When life gives you lemons make lemonade." Here is my problem with that statement.

Lemons contain natural detox nutrients which are extremely healthy and should be a part of every person's diet. Lemonade, however, is loaded up with tons of sugar; enough sugar to give an elephant diabetes. Without the sugar, lemonade would just be normal lemon water which is hardly a transformation from the original lemon.

So the original statement is really saying, "When life gives you lemons, make it far more unhealthy by adding a boatload of sugar."

Your new response when someone tells you to make lemonade? NO! Just say no. Tell them that lemons are far more healthy without the added sugary nonsense.

So now to explain the coffee mug. Even though lemons are healthier by themselves than with sugar, you should always strive to be productive with your life. For that reason, I decided to add a drink that is not only healthy for you, but is probably the single best beverage ever invented.

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If life gives you lemons, you should probably consume the lemons in some form or another for their healthy detox effects. Then say, "Hey life, thanks for the lemons."

But never settle for just lemons. Do not rely on life to provide you with coffee grounds, go seize them yourself and make something out of them.

maybe I'm just over-thinking this analogy. Go grab that coffee mug to promote the ideal that life is more than just sugary water with lemon juice in it.