10 Greatest New Years Anti-Resolutions of 2014

This is gonna be a yearly tradition on the BrainofJT. I did it last year as well. You can join in the fun by using #AntiResolution on Twitter!

My 10 New Years Anti-Resolutions of 2013
Did I Keep my 2013 Anti-Resolutions?

Everyone makes New Years resolutions. Apparently people like setting goals that they will try to accomplish for a couple weeks, and then give up on during the course of the year. Maybe they decide to lose weight and then end up eating Twinkies by January 20th. Well those people are doing it wrong!

Happy New Years 2014! May your #AntiResolution be superb!

They almost always make silly resolutions like learning piano, getting in shape, having a smaller carbon footprint, or making good grades. Well those shouldn't be resolutions, they should just be a default in a person's life. If you are resolving to do one of those things, then odds are you should rethink your past and your present state before you can make goals for your future. In fact, you should start doing those things the moment you hear about them rather than on January when the season is right.

So I look at other people's resolutions as defaults in my life, something which I should be doing anyway rather than just the first month of the year. I don't need to make resolutions in my own life because other people make the same one's

Instead, my strategy is to make a list of things I should avoid so that I don't accidentally make any major mistakes... and because it is hilarious. This year, my anti-resolutions are going to be more elaborate and more intense than ever! Also, each one will have a link to an associated Tweet that you can re-tweet if you think they are clever.

Without further ado, here is my list of New Years Anti-Resolutions.

  1. Memorize more than one Justin Bieber song. Tweet
  2. View more than 1 thousand hours of cute kitten videos. Tweet
  3. Pick a fight with Chuck Norris. Tweet
  4. Play any levels of Candy Crush. Tweet
  5. Kidnap a One Direction member thereby making it Point Eight Direction. Tweet
  6. Write 2013 on all my papers for the first three months of 2014. Tweet
  7. Fall into nuclear waste and not gain super powers. Tweet
  8. Accidentally invent a new flavor of toothpaste called "white" and forever be known as Pastey White Guy. Tweet
  9. Twerk. Tweet
  10. Lose my love for coffee and start ordering girly-drinks from coffee shops. Tweet
So that's the list for 2014! If you catch me doing any of the above things be sure to call me out. 2013 was a fantastic year, and have a Happy New Year! 

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