Are Christian Conservatives closed-minded on the issue of gay rights?

A good friend of mine, Kevin Glenn, recently made a very well-thought out post about the Phil Robertson controversy. In it, he discussed the issue of behaving civilly in the issue of gay rights and making sure both sides can have a fair discussion over the issue. 

You can see his post and my comment on that post at the following link.
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it could be offensive 

In his post, Kevin mentioned that a person can disagree with homosexual practices and not be a homophobe as people are so quick to accuse. In other words they can be against homosexual practices but not be "anti-gay".

I wanted to take this a step further and say why a person can simultaneously disagree with homosexual practices and not let that influence their interaction with gay people in any way.

Are all Conservative Christians closed-minded on homosexuality?

This is my comment on Kevin's post:
To clear up the point of “disagreeing with homosexual practice” in my mind:
If I disagree with homosexual practices, I disagree with my own usage of those practices, not necessarily those of society. Especially when homosexuality on a secular level does not necessarily harm me or society in any measurable fashion. Homosexuality does not take away any of my basic rights or inhibit my freedoms.
It is simultaneously possible for a Christian to believe that homosexual acts are sinful and at the same time believe themselves to be no better that their gay friends.
As a follower of Christ, it is my duty to actively spread the gospel to everyone who needs it. It is not my duty to condemn anything anyone does or enforce my own rules on society. Jesus didn’t always respond kindly to the pharisees who forced other people to agree with their rules.
That is how a person of faith can say, “I disagree with homosexual practice” and at the same time accept gay rights on a governmental level.
If a person’s goal is to reduce sin in the world, remember how Jesus did it. He saved people, then told them to go and sin no more. He didn’t tell people to sin no more so that he can save them. The Christian community often does it backwards.
Let our government’s rules be made to protect the basic rights of individuals, not as an instrument to force other people to conform to our own morals.

Is it wrong to disagree with homosexual practices? Does that somehow make a person closed-minded?

There are many people, especially Liberal news sources, who yell "You closed-minded homophobe!" as soon as someone says they disagree with homosexual practices. There must be a reason for this... or they just use unnecessary rhetoric to advance their cause in a cheaty manner.

Homophobe is no longer the term used to describe fear of gay people as it used to be. Instead it has turned into the rhetorical equivalent of "racist" except to sexual orientation.

I understand a person being called racist for making a comment saying that being black is wrong, because black is an inherent characteristic of a person they are born with. This characteristic was determined by DNA, not by anything else.

I could, however, say that dying your skin black is wrong because I believe that humans should be the color they were born to be. That is not a racist statement.

In the same way, saying "I think certain actions are a sin" is not a racist or homophobic statement. Specifying an action that you consider to be inappropriate is not an act of aggression, it is an act of vocalizing one's moral thought processes. I'm allowed to think of any action and determine it's morality. In fact, I would say that humans should always question actions for their moral ramifications.

A person isn't born performing homosexual practices in the same way that a person isn't born playing a game of basketball. They are both activities which a person chooses to engage in at some point in their life. Whether or not they are wrong is a perfectly reasonable choice to distinguish and not one that makes a person homophobic.

To not allow someone to question the morality of actions is the ultimate violation of a person's freedom of thought. Therefore it is also the ultimate act of closed-mindedness because it disables the ability of people to consider both sides of any issue. The current status is that anyone who dares to consider that homosexual practices are wrong is labeled "homophobic" and instantly protested, insulted, and financially punished. The use of the word "homophobic" in our society is extremely debilitating in that way.

It would be closed-minded to say "homosexuals are bad people" because that statement can only be based on prejudice. It would not be closed-minded to say "I believe homosexual practices are wrong" because that statement is based on moral analysis of an action. 


If you are a gay rights activist. Don't be so quick to accuse people of being closed-minded and homophobic. Address your own closed-mindedness. You may have been conditioned to believe one side of the argument exclusively and are too scared to consider the other.

If you a conservative Christian, be willing to consider both sides of the argument and think about not condemning those homosexual practices on a governmental level if those practices are not harmful to the functioning of society. Additionally, don't directly condemn specific practices of other people until you get the log out of your eye. Remember how Jesus did it! He loved and accepted people as they were, sins and all, so that they may be saved.