Ron Paul just made a post with the same arguments as mine. What a smart guy!

A little while back, I published this post:
In it, I detailed why implementing the minimum wage would only hurt small businesses which would decrease competition, increase profit margins for the super-rich corporations, hurt the middle class and increase wealth inequality.

Image of Einstein writing economics.

Well Ron Paul just Tweeted out a link to his post which I thought was extremely brilliant (mostly because it used a lot of the same arguments.)

I especially like the part that said,
Many regulations that are promoted as necessary to “rein in” large corporations actually hurt small businesses. Because these small businesses operate on a much narrower profit margin, they cannot as easily absorb the costs of complying with the regulations as large corporations. These regulations can also inhibit lower income individuals from starting their own businesses.
To me, this is the exact argument used in my post. I'm extremely flattered and validated to say the least.

Just goes to show that some people in the political game actually know their basic economic theories. Makes me hopeful for the 2016 election to say the least. Let's get Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or someone who actually knows their economics and have the guts to make a difference in the presidential office.