Adam and Steve

As you all know, I love playing devil's advocate on issues that I believe. Part of that is to take argument from my side on an issue and destroy them. Here is one such argument on the gay rights issue.

People love to say, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Some people use that argument as a main point in saying that homosexuality is wrong.

Not all guys named Steve are gay...

Well let me just point out that at some point, God did make a guy name Steve... not that Steve was gay. At the same time, there have been men named Adam. I'm sure at one point they were even in the same room together... not that Adam is gay either. The point is, the metaphor falls apart after the human race became populated enough for there to simultaneously be a guy named Steve and a guy named Adam.

But despite being a horrible metaphor, I do think the logic is pretty messed up as well.

Just because the first two humans were opposite genders might be a matter of function, not a matter of morality. The first two humans must have been opposite genders because that is the only way to have begun the human race, not because that is the only moral form of intimate relationship. Just because they existed as a couple doesn't mean they are the only legitimate form of couple.

That's like saying that because chicken eggs were originally cooked scrambled, it is immoral to boil them. Just because God made the first humans straight doesn't somehow exclude any other orientation from being moral.

Note: I believe that we should always seek to eliminate poor arguments, especially on our own side of any given debate. The "Adam and Steve" argument is definitely one argument that needs to be lost. The more easy points the other side can refute, the more they are perceived to be correct overall. Share this post with all of your friends who may have been using the "Adam and Steve" argument in the past.