(Infographic) If Any Moment Changed in all of Human History, you Would not Exist

This infographic shows the chances of you coming into existence measured from the point of the beginning of life on Earth.

My beef with the info-graphic is the wording of "What are the odds that you exist?" Given that I currently exist, the odds of me existing are 100%. Either I exist or I don't exist. If I exist then the chances that I exist are certain.

What the infographic really calculates are the odds that Earth would produce me given no outside influence or guidance from the point life began... which is, on the grand scale of the universe, zero. If any one of the variables mentioned in the infographic were altered, or random chance fell differently in any way, none of the people alive today would exist. That means your consciousness, your current thoughts and identity, would never happen. You would be nothing. Can you wrap your mind around that?

Each human has intrinsic value, but none of that value would exist if a single element changed at any point in the history of life on Earth.

This infographic doesn't even begin to calculate the odds of humans evolving in the first place from the point life began on Earth, and then doesn't calculate the odds of life beginning on Earth at the time it did, and the chances of the Universe coming into existence at all.

Put all of these elements together and your chances of humans existing in a random system are nearly infinitely small.

So the odds of your existence, your intrinsic value occurring under a system of random chance are insignificantly small.

The odds that you would exist under a system guided by an outside force with the desire for each individual to exist? 100%

Random system = no chance of me coming into existence. System guided by external force that wanted me to exist = 100% chance of me coming into existence.

Here's why. If there were a force outside the Universe that wanted me to exist, they could choose three options to get me here.

1. Control the development of DNA throughout the history of the Universe. Not necessarily predetermining it or removing random chance and free-will, but making sure the right DNA is put together in the process of reproduction.

2. Allow DNA to develop however it happens randomly, but input my individuality into the human body of choice. This would only apply if the soul comes into creation before the human body does, or if there is a thing called the soul in the first place.

3. Create life and let it happen, knowing that I would be one to beat the odds and come into existence.

You see what is being implied here? If God exists and he wanted me to exist, then I exist. If I exist, given the odds of that happening are zero, odds are God exists. In a universe influenced by an external force, there is complete certainty that the human race would exist as it does.

If the universe is not influenced by an external force, then the likely-hood of me coming into existence is nearly nothing and even the likely-hood of life coming into existence at all is almost infinitely small.

I prefer to accept the miracle of my own existence. That isn't a lack of humility, it's an acknowledgement of the complexity of time and the universe around me.