'Tis Always the Occasion for Some Ragin'

If you've been any sort of reader of my blog in the last few months, you know I love writing heated posts about important topics and sometimes politics.

Well time you let you in on my secret for writing some of these posts. Note: Not all of my posts are written this way, just about select topics.

In essence, I will reveal to you one of my greatest content generation methods for this blog.

Ragin' Post Steps

Step 1: Pick a topic. Find something either in the news, or that is on my mind and I really want to rant about.

Step 2: Rage my way through the post. Write furiously until I get tons of content.

Step 3: Leave it for a few hours.

Step 4: Come back and professionalize the post. Make sure it is logical and backed by evidence.

Step 5: Format, add a photo, place finishing touches, and schedule the post!

Occasion for Ragin' T-Shirt
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My method is 'Tis Always the Occasion for Some Ragin' because anytime there is something on my mind I want to rant about, it is a chance for blog content. To me, anytime I have something to rage about I should take advantage and be productive with it rather than let creative thoughts die out.

Luckily, I have more common sense than a lot of people who perform Step 1 and 2, then skip 3, 4, and most of 5. They basically just rant and post. The key to a good ragin' post is to go back and edit it.

Even if you aren't into blogging, this is a really great productivity tip for any hobby. If you have ideas or you feel a huge burst of creativity, record it. Whether it is with a voice recorder, camera, paper, or computer; you always should capture those ideas into permanent form.