The Fallacy of the US Embargo on Cuba

Here in the US, we are supposed to hate Communism. I get it. Capitalism rocks (or our government's skewed form of capitalism rocks) and all that jazz.

Capitalism is founded on principles of free trade. We trade with people, they trade with us. We specialize in something, they specialize in something, and we both generate surplus because of it.

Let me get this straight... we punish anti-capitalists using anti-capitalist policies?
Free-trade is cool... unless we say so.

That's right, I said it. The US is using severely anti-capitalist policies by restricting global trade.

We're trying to make a Communist country more Capitalist by using techniques that conflict with the values of our economic system. This doesn't just highlight a problem with our government and economic system, but it pushes Cuba into poverty thus preventing them from gaining economic prowess and makes them even less likely to become capitalist.

By preventing them from trading, they are not learning the value of free-trade. Seems obvious, but you cannot expect a country to become Capitalist by banning them from being capitalist in their interactions with other countries.

Cuba's poverty problems are caused by two things.

1. Communism is a horrible economic system. I won't go into this post, but you can do a simple Google search for "Problems with Communism" and find all the many reasons why it fails every time.

2. The US embargo prevents them from trading with any country worth trading with. Not only does this prevent them from specializing in sugarcane or another industry, but it disallows them from importing things that other countries specialize in.

These are innocent men and women of Cuba who are forced into poverty by the failed policies of OUR government.

It's about time to end this embargo. Share this post to get the word out!