5 Things I Would do Way Too Often if I Were a Jedi

I'm a nerd. Just want to throw that out there. That being said, I was on a Star Wars binge recently and was thinking about how great it would be to be a Jedi.

Here are 5 things I would probably do way too often as a Jedi.

1. Open Doors

Wouldn't it be great to swing open doors at a whim? For now, I'll just have to enjoy automatic doors.

2. This.

I would find a short, green man and balance him on my foot. Seems like a useful function.

3. Slice fruit with a light-saber.

This tactic would never be useful in a fight... I'm pretty sure they're just training fruit-chopping skills.

4. Convince Stubborn People of Obvious Things

You ever have a conversation with someone who refuses to accept obvious concepts? Me too. With Jedi mind-tricks this would be extremely easy.

5. Force push random objects