Christian Rock Music that You Need to be Listening To

Just wanted to post a playlist I've been working on in Spotify that goes perfectly with this website. Might as well have some background music while you browse, so be sure to check this playlist out. Most of it is Christian rock/punk, so don't be afraid to turn up the volume.

If you don't have Spotify, you'll be asked to download it if you click on the player. Don't worry, I'm not making any money off of you downloading Spotify, but you should definitely do it anyway.

I'll keep working on the playlist whenever I find more good music.

Check out the iTunes pages of some of the Artists featured on the playlist:

Relient K
Colton Dixon
Hawk Nelson
House of Heroes
Capital Lights
The Classic Crime
Remedy Drive

And be sure to share this post or the playlist with your friends if you enjoyed the music.