New Study: Films with Christian Values do Better in the Box Office.

This post will hurt all those Christian pessimists out there. You know who you are. You're the people who think society is going down the drain just because there is some bad stuff in Cinema.

Well a new study will hopefully change your mind!

You know how I've always said that dirty humor almost always takes substantially less talent than clean humor? And that clean humor has infinitely more benefits than obscenity? 

These seats are more likely to be filled if the movie shows Christian Values.

Well apparently the same sort of thing applies to movies. Generally, movies that curse every sentence take much less script-writing talent. Movies with gore often have worse choreography and creativity. Movies that use up a large portion of their time with adult content have far less character development and story-writing skills.

At least, that's what the study done by Christian organization Movieguide seems to indicate.

The Study shows that movies which portray Christian values or have good life-lessons average far more success in the box-office than those which portray a anti-Christian values. Additionally, those movies that do not contain volumes of swearing, gore, and sexual content are more likely to generate far more gross revenue.

What does this mean? Moviegoers can actually recognize talent when they see it. To me, this is a perfect illustration that obscene content takes far less skill than clean content does.

Just take a show like Duck Dynasty for instance. There's a reason a show with strong Christian values gets such high ratings.

Do you agree? Why do you think movies with Christian values average better in the box office? Share this post with your opinion!