Cheating Success is Harder than I Thought.

Let me start off by clarifying the title. I don't actually want to or do anything scammy pertaining to this blog or life in general. I just want to speed up the process of gaining views and subscribers for this blog.

So when I posted the below gif yesterday (2/7/14) on Google+ and it got 1/4 million views, I really thought people would click through the link attached and subscribe to the blog. I really thought I could 'cheat success' in this way.

Then a grand total of 5 people subscribed yesterday.

While I'm incredibly grateful for each person who subscribed, 5 people is hardly a successful number compared to the 1/4 million views that were gained by the below G+ post.

So when I read Jon Acuff's blog today, Success is Slow. That's OK, it hit the nail on the head perfectly. The best kind of success is a gradual one. Sure I might be gaining 5 subscribers a day, but in a years time I'll have over 1,000 people reading each and every blog post! And because some of them will share what they read, subscriber growth is exponential and the amount of people subscribing per day will just increase in the future.

The point is; never quit. Don't give up just because the first few months are not as successful as expected. Keep going, keep doing unique and creative things, and always keep a level head regardless of how successful you are.

Take every gain, every measurable amount of growth with the most joy possible!

I know I'll do the same with this blog, and I expect you to do the same with whatever it is you do.