How Jesus used the Power of Puns to Feed the 5,000

The Bible offers us an example of a pretty major miracle that Jesus did. Namely, feeding 5,000 people using a meal provided by a young man's lunch. We know what he did, but we still never knew how he did it.

Jesus and the miracle of feeding the 5,000

Until now... This is the exact prayer Jesus used to ask God to perform the feed the 5,000 miracle (Don't ask why he prayed in English.)

Dear God,
I know you albready know what I'm going to request, so there's barley a need to tell you wheat I need. Still, bless this food and do some cool multiplicationy thingy to it.

Anyway, hopefully this prayer was food-for-thought. Just want to let you know that if you ask me to do anything, I'll respond 'Your Fish is my Command.'

Loaf, JC