5 Reasons You Should Love Valentine's Day

I know a lot of dudes go around on Valentine's day shouting about materialism and big business. They call Valentine's day a money-waster and a 'fake' holiday. Well they might be right. But even if Valentine's day is a sham, we can make it an awesome sham!

You don't have to give in to the consumerism and financially support the system. You can enjoy Valentine's day by being yourself and using a bit of creativity.

Without further ado here are the 5 best reasons to love Valentines day.

1. Facebook friends having awesome Valentine wars 

I have a couple amigos finding the cheesiest Valentines they can and posting them at each other. If you don't have friends like this, you need to find new friends.

Here's just a couple of them:


2. Valentine's day is the Thanksgiving of relationships

Valentine's day is a chance to say thanks for all the relationships you have. Rather than focusing on your circumstance in life, which a lot of people do on Thanksgiving, Valentine's day allows you to say thanks to loved ones for being a major part of your life.

3. Chocolate

My mother gave me a big pack of Reese's. Thanks mom!

4. Clarification and Communication

Valentine's day gives you a chance to solidify and define relationships with that special girl/boy in your life. You hear that men? Valentine's day might be your chance to ask a woman out who is currently in the friend-zone. Go for it!

5. Creativity

What other day of the year do you write a letter, poem, or craft an original card? I never do those things. In fact, today was the first day in years that I wrote a hand-written letter.

Valentine's day gives you an excuse to bring out your cheesy side. Whip up an original piece of art or use your writing prowess to woo someone! Either way, this is your one day of the year to be obnoxiously romantic.

Got a lot of Facebook friends voicing their qualms with Valentine's day? Be sure to share this post and maybe lighten the mood a bit!