Racism is Not a Conservative Value

Democrats might be horrible at economics and freedom; but they rock at politics. If something is popular, they are all for it. If something is not, they abandon it instantly.

Let's use racism as an example.

Believe it or not, back when slavery was popular the pro-slavery people were Democrats. Shocking isn't it? Andrew Jackson, arguably the most racist president in history, was a Democrat. In fact, the Democratic party was founded by racists and has a rich history of being very, very racist.

And that Abraham Lincoln guy? He was Conservative. Those "underground railroad" supporters, the good Christian folk who despised slavery? They were Conservative.
Lincoln would make a great Libertarian...
So when did Republicans become the racist party?
Well the answer is simple... they didn't. Really, the racists were slowly alienated from the Democratic party as racism became less and less possible. Racists slowly filed into the Republican party because they wanted to oppose the very party that ejected them.

That's not to say racists didn't exist in the Republican party in the time of slavery, because it would be bizarre to think that there was no racism in a time when almost everybody was racist.

However, it was the conservative Christians that decided to oppose this idea of slavery and who promoted the progression of our society at that time.

So what happened?

The Democrats ejected the unpopular opinion (now racism) from their party so that the majority would be comfortable. This is how they treat all people. If there is an unpopular opinion, they attempt to squash it with pure volume.

So why are their racist Republicans if racism is not a Conservative value? Conservatives have always been about individual responsibility and economic freedom, and are all-inclusive to their political ideologies. A racist can be a Republican because it is their individual responsibility to not be an idiot. It isn't the party's responsibility to make sure their members aren't idiots. Democrats don't believe in individual responsibility, so anyone who does not fall into their collective ideals are alienated.

People say that Republican's hate minorities. In fact, 'loving minorities' is the majority opinion which is why there is a political battle for them. Having members of the minority opinion in the Republican party damages it's reputation, but just remember why the racists are there. Not because Conservatives are racist, but because the Democratic party has switched sides and ejected their own former talking point.

In some ways though, Democrats are still racist. Let's take college scholarships for example. There are scholarships, supported by Democrats, that are provided only to students of specific skin color. If you're black, you may qualify for the scholarship. If your skin is a different pigmentation, you do not.

Here's why Democrats support these scholarships. They believe in moral relativism which is where right and wrong is determined by popular opinion. So if popular opinion is that "people with minority skin pigmentation are cool" then Democrats will do anything in their power to get those minority votes... including giving them scholarship preference over whites.

To many Conservatives, the idea of treating people differently based on the color of their skin is outrageous. This has been their opinion since slavery, and because the popular opinion is irrelevant to our morality (moral absolutism), we still don't support treating people differently based on skin pigmentation.

So when Democrats rage about stickin' it to the white guys who owned slaves, promote affirmative action, elect officials just because of the color of their skin, and attempt to manipulate the justice system to send a man (Zimmerman) to jail for a murder that nobody had enough evidence to convict... they really should be taking it out on themselves.

I'm not telling you that becoming Republicans is always a good thing... mostly because I'm a Libertarian. But Conservative values are important to our society, and don't let Democrats tell you that racism is somehow correlated with Conservatism.