The Case of the Christian Copycat

How many times have you heard of churches, musicians, and other prominent Christians wanting to do something more 'mainstream' in hopes of bringing in more people?

By 'mainstream', I mean making themselves more like their secular counterparts. A Church group might want to act more like a college club or a Christian artist might want to sound just like their favorite artists minus the curse words.

Well let's erase those notions right now. I have two main reasons why Christians should stop being Copycats.

1. The Original is Usually Better

If someone wants the 'mainstream,' they'll go straight to the original; not the copycat. Even if the copycat is technically better than the person they are trying to imitate, they lack the special charm that can only be provided by the original. 

A Christian imitation of something secular is generally not appealing to anybody but those Christians who stick within the Christian bubble. So by being a copycat you are not bringing in new people but just appealing to the same niche that you would by doing the same old Christian thing.

2. The Copycat Refers People to the Original

As I mentioned earlier, many Christian musicians will imitate their favorite secular musicians... minus the curse words. When people talk about bands they almost always compare them to other bands. So a Christian band that sounds very close to a secular band will always be referred to as the "Christian band who sounds like (insert secular band here)."

Anybody who doesn't prefer the Christian niche will go straight to a secular alternative if given the option.

Let's do this instead...

Instead, Christians should focus on excellence. Christians should excel at everything they do. We should be the best artists, the best comedians, the best athletes, the best academics, the best groups to be a part of, and the best at anything we put our mind to.

Forget copying the secular. Forget trying to 'adapt' to popular culture. Let's make the secular culture follow our productions. Let's make popular culture become Christian culture... not the other way around.