This Video of Superman Wearing a GoPro is Epic

If you are anything like me, you're a pushover for actiony superhero movies. In this case, it's a few minutes in the life of Superman wearing a GoPro camera on his head. If you don't know anything about a GoPro, it's basically a camera which allows a person to record close to the angle of their own perspective.

Who wouldn't want to be Superman for a day! Just look at those muscles.

Video of Superman wearing a GoPro

Superman + GoPro = Epic. Enough of my words, the video speaks for itself.

Despite the red-head lady being way too calm for someone just rescued from a massive explosion, this video was superb. I especially enjoyed the fighting scene and flying at various speeds through various places. It felt like the closest you could get to flying by staring at a flat screen.

Makes me want to be Superman when I grow up... or just buy a GoPro from their website!