You Do Not Deserve Free Things.

"Everyone deserves free healthcare."

"Everyone deserves a house."

"Everyone deserves a source of income."

If you talk to a liberal about politics, you WILL run into these slogans. These fallacy-ridden blanket statements.

Deserves: I don't think that means what you think it means.

You see, the word "deserves" really tugs on a person's heartstrings. It makes it hard to argue against one of those slogans without seeming vicious and hateful. Yet, the definition of 'deserves' really doesn't mean what they think it means.

Here's why.

Look up deserve in a thesaurus. You'll get words such as "earn, gain, get, merit, warrant, and win." These are action words. They are not synonyms with "to have by default." These words do not imply the same thing those slogans imply.

Necessity is a precursor to productivity.

Here's something harsh that liberals might not have thought of... You have to work to provide for your necessities. Necessities are not naturally handed to you. You want food? You gotta go out and find a way to get food. You want healthcare? You gotta go out and earn healthcare.

You want to be the most productive person out there? Work for something important. Have motivation to succeed. Maybe you want to feed your family. Use that motivation to do something amazing.

The trick big-government politicians are playing to destroy upward mobility in our country is pretty obvious. They destroy your motivation to be successful by taking away every motivation you have to work.

Believe it or not, your big-government politicians are trying to use you. They aren't stupid, they know basic facts of life such the concepts described above. Here's the plan.
  1. Find something you want to use to gain power.
  2. Put the word "deserves" in front of said thing.
  3. Run a campaign on fulfilling what people "deserve."
  4. People will vote for you because they want free things that they "deserve."
Then again, You do not deserve free things. would make a horrible slogan.

Yet the opposite slogan is insulting, degrading, and destroys your motivation to be successful; and you deserve better than that.