I Probably Need a Notebook

Throughout the day, I say a ton of funny things. I make a ton of genius thoughts. I think of tens of great ideas for articles.

Yet somehow, when it comes time to write a post, most of those brilliant ideas are out the window. I cannot remember those ideas in the slightest.

Maybe I should carry a notebook. Then again, my phone is a pretty good way to put down information. In fact, I have a text editing app on the home page of my HTC One X that works just fine.

The problem isn't the equipment, its the fact that I need to learn to associate brilliant thoughts with putting those thoughts into a permanent format.

This isn't just my problem though. I know plenty of writers that experience "writer's block" on a daily basis. Maybe the key is to get a physical notebook as a reminder that ideas need to be placed on paper. Any time I need an idea for a blog topic, I can just reach into my pocket, pull out my handy-dandy notebook, and start chugging away at a new post.

How about you? Do you record your good ideas? Let me know by commenting here or over on Twitter.