Introducing the Disciple Wiki!

If you take a quick look in the navigation buttons on the top of the BrainofJT homepage, there is now a button for the Disciple Wiki.

You've heard of Wikipedia right?

The Disciple Wiki is basically a Wikipedia for all things faith, the Bible, discipleship, and anything else from the perspective of a follower of Jesus Christ.

That means anybody, including you, can edit the pages on the website. If you know something about the Bible. If you have a perspective on faith or know something about living like Jesus, then there is a need for your expertise.

The Last Supper
The Disciple Wiki is a wiki of disciples, for disciples, and to make new disciples.
Since the wiki is just starting out, we need loads of new pages created and written on. Don't worry if you are not an expert writer and might not be a biblical scholar. There's a need for pages ranging from the basics of faith to complex theology.

It's easy to learn how to create pages and edit the wiki. The learning curve is very small, and you will be doing it for a great cause! The more pages and content made on the wiki, the more resources available for people who need to learn about Jesus or share their faith.

So what are you waiting for? Start editing the Disciple Wiki.