Procrastination? I Prefer 'Academic Patience'.

Procrastination is such a nasty word. Just the sound of it is gross. Prock-Rast-In-A-Shun. Not a pleasant word.

The definition of procrastination is simply 'delaying something'. In most cases, at least in mine, the work I'm putting off is school-related but you can understand the word with any form of work

Procrastination and all that stuff...

The definition of patience is simply 'the capacity to tolerate delay.' Patience is the ability to tolerate your own procrastination.

Are these similar definitions coincidence? I think not! They were meant for each other. It's as if procrastination and patience are supplementary characteristics.

You've heard how great patience is. Patience is a fruit of the spirit. Patience is king. Patience is the key to happiness.

Yet there is a crowd of haters who say that procrastination is a bad thing. How can patience and procrastination simultaneously be bad if one is the expression of the other.

They can't. Procrastination and patience are basically the same thing. You hear that kids? Procrastinate your homework. We are the procrastination generation!

Note: This post was satire.