My Spring Break in Panama City Beach.

I'm a college student on Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida. What am I doing you ask? How am I spending my time?

Panama City Beach, Florida.

I'm partying... with my parents, siblings, and family friends.

I'm drinking... lots of coffee.

I'm smoking... hot. (You already knew that one though.)

I'm hittin' the club... by club I mean a local church.

While that last one was a bit of a stretch (the third one is 100% true), I think you get the idea.
You can enjoy yourself without compromising your beliefs. As I write this there are other college kids in this city who are regretting what they did last night, knowing that their so-called friends will expect them to do the same stuff again.

You really don't have to. Actually, I would say that your life will be far more fulfilling if you don't "party wild and live in the moment. #YOLO."

Let me give you an example. I was laying out near the beach yesterday reading a copy of How to Write Short by Roy Clark. The warm sun reflected off my sunglasses and the sound of waves complemented the cool, educational tone that Roy Clark wrote with.

Just me, the waves, and Jesus

Would I have been able to experience any of that if I were drunk? If I had peers yelling at me to do crazy things with them, there would be no relaxation. No rational fulfillment of reading an educational book. I would notice the sound of the waves and the heat of the sun, but there would be no mental enjoyment of God's creation surrounding me and no spiritual fulfillment from thanking God for that creation.

No need to compromise your values for a couple days of raw pleasure. It will come back to bite you in the long run, and you'll miss out on so much presently.