Top 5 Greatest April Fools' Jokes of All Time (April Fools's Day Joke 2014)

Note: This post was an April Fools' joke. While the events listed below are true historical events that all happened on April 1st, none of them were actually created to be jokes. They are all serious events with significant effects in our lives.

Throughout history, there have been thousands of legendary April Fools' jokes played on unsuspecting people. Instead of fooling you all today, I decided to gather the top 5 most awesome April Fools' jokes in history to celebrate the rich tradition of this day.

Some of these jokes were so convincing, they have been adopted into our culture as truth! Hopefully this list will open your eyes to how much you've been fooled in the past.

1. The "$" Symbol Joke of 1778.
On April 1, 1778 Oliver Pollock created the dollar symbol that we use today. He thought it would be a hilarious April Fools' joke to use a different symbol than what everyone else was used to. It got a huge laugh! Still today, I guffaw every time I see a dollar sign knowing it's origin as an April Fools' joke. Good 'ol Pollock is still getting us from the grave!

2. Weight Watchers Shenanigan of 1946.
Weight Watchers formed on April 1, 1946. Believe it or not, it was started as a joke! Unfortunately for the customers, the joke was a little too convincing. The founders of the joke company received hundreds of requests for their product on day 1. Instead of dissolving it though, they went with it. Now, they still fool everyone who buys their products. People give them money, and in return they get really crappy food. What a hoot!

3. France's nuclear tests of 1980.
On April Fools' day, 1980, France pretended to join the nuclear arms race by testing a missile. Radiation poisoning was hilarious back in those days. In fact, that's how french fries were created. They dropped a bomb on a potato field as a joke and french fries exploded out of them. How else could they be so addicting? Radiation is both hilarious and delicious.

4. US Minimum Wage Increase of 1991.
On April 1, 1991 the US minimum wage was increased from $3.80 to $4.25 as part of the most hilarious prank ever. Here's how it worked. The government brainwashed their citizens into thinking there would be no economic effects, no harms to small businesses, caused by a minimum wage increase. Then they promised that people would end up taking home more money from the increase. Isn't that hilarious? The funniest part is that people fell for it, and they would fall for it again today on a heartbeat.

5. Gmail Launch of 2004
Google is known for pulling elaborate pranks. On April 1, 2004, Google tricked millions of people into signing up for Gmail. The ultimate punch-line to this joke hasn't yet come to fruition. Rest assured though, if you have a Gmail account you're in for a surprise soon! Google would never release a program on April 1 and not do something silly with it.

You've been fooled by all 5 of these things that actually happened on April 1. Never trust anything that happens today. I'm warning you.

Be sure to comment with your favorite April Fools' jokes of all time. Don't let the world fool you!