A Simple, Effective Voting Method for Concerned Americans

Are you tired of the status-quot in the US Government? Are you concerned about the future state of this nation given the rampant expansion of our Government's power? Are you worried about corruption overwhelming our system to the point where the common man has no voice?

I know I'm tired of the same policies, the same Uncle Sam over-reach, and the same ineffective usage our hard-earned money. Here is a two step guide to making sure the best candidates are elected at all times.

I ever whipped up a little flowchart for visual reference.

Should I Vote for This Person Flowchart

Step 1: Find candidate. Look at their policies.

Don't just watch the news and assume you know enough to vote. Actually read the statements of the candidate. Read their website and their policies. Then look at their voting record and political speeches. Take it all in and look at the details.

Step 2: Ask if the Government would want this candidate to enact their policies on them.

If the answer is no, vote for that candidate. If the answer is yes, don't vote for that candidate.

Done. You can thank me when you find out that you voted for all of the best candidates.