Job Growth is Really not a Good Thing.

Imagine getting fired for working too many hours in one week. Your boss doesn't want to pay legally required overtime, so you get written up every time you go over the limit. This is actually the policy at the place I work. They don't want to pay the required cost for overtime, so employees can potentially be fired for working too many hours.

Imagine businesses regretting their decision to give medical benefits to those who work full time, and only hire new employees with the intention of not allowing them to get all the required hours. Especially with the new healthcare plan, business labor expenses have skyrocketed. Instead of blatantly firing people, the businesses instead just make people work less hours so they don't qualify for their benefits.

Imagine the average pay of a working class citizen being extraordinarily low compared with the consumer price index, so even if they do work full-time they can't afford to get ahead in life. Maybe the costs of goods are increasing, or the amount people are being payed on average is not keeping up with inflation. Either way, it is getting more and more difficult to buy things on the average working class salary

All three of these are fantastic reasons a person might get a second job. All three of these imaginative scenarios are 100% happening today. All three of these scenarios are caused by government policy.

Want to know why? Really? Do you really want to know? Because politicians get elected into higher positions based on this one nonsense metric; job growth. If there is high job growth in a state, the governor gets credit and can get a higher office. If there is high job growth in the nation, the president gets reelected.

For politicians, there are two amazingly easy ways to nearly double our nation's jobs and skyrocket their job growth numbers.

1. Cut the amount of hours employers schedule their employees in half.
2. Cause workers to earn half as much.

Both of these would cause the average hourly worker to require two jobs, thus doubling our nation's job quota and skyrocketing the job growth metric.

When the Liberals used job growth numbers to get Obama reelected, Republicans scratched their heads. How in the world, they questioned, did job growth improve while unemployment skyrocketed under Obama's reign? Well now we know.

Now that you know just how stupid of a metric job growth is, take another look at the graph that may have got Obama reelected. We looked around and saw an economy in shambles. We saw joblessness running rampant, and yet here is this incredible graph showing just how fantastic Obama is.

Job growth is a really stupid metric.

Next time a politician tries to cite his job growth numbers as a "success," ask just how stupid he thinks we are. Take it as an insult. They know how harmful their policies are that increase this metric, yet they enact them anyway because they know the media will show the graphs and convince the uninformed voters that they are doing a great job.

To be honest, I would rather job growth decrease to a level where only one parent in a household needs to work to make a living, and that parent only needs a single job.

You can have full employment, and a lower amount of total jobs in our country. The less people being forced to work two jobs the better. It is far more efficient to work one job and be payed more and work less hours than to work two jobs and never be home to support your children.

Get the word out; politicians who cite job growth as a positive are insulting us. They do not deserve to be in office.