Nothingness Never Created Somethingness.

Before the universe began, there was nothing. There was no substance, no mechanics, no dimensions, no time, and no properties of any sort. That, to me, is the definition of nothing.

Nothingness never created somethingness

Yet somehow, the state of the universe went from non-existent to existent.

Nothing, being nothing and having the properties of nothing, had the properties to create something thereby the nothingness was somethingness itself. Thus began the universe.

Essentially, nothingness would need to defy the state of being nothing and become something in order to create the universe or initialize the process to create the universe. This is the creation story that atheists subscribe to.

In order to reject the existence of God, an atheist must accept the existence of nothingness with the property to create. In other words, they must believe that nothingness defied the properties of nothingness and was actually somethingness. They must believe that there was somethingness before the universe began, but being athests, they must believe that the somethingness was simultaneously a nothingness otherwise somethingness would become their "creator" which they are required to refuse to believe in by the definition of the word atheism.

The other theory, which is the one that theists believe in, is that nothingness has never existed. Theists believe that somethingness has always existed. They believe that the universe was created by a somethingness with the property to create, and that a somethingness continues to exist, and a somethingness will continue to exist forever.

At this point, it is acceptable to rule out the central tenant of atheism because nothingness never created something.

So both atheists and theists must, at this point, believe in an initial somethingness. That is, a somethingness which initiated all other things and started the chain reaction to create the universe. Both somethingnesses require the faith to claim it exists without knowing how it can have existed forever and what allows it to continue to exist.

Yet there is a fundamental difference between atheists and theists in this regard. Atheists believe that the something which created the universe is unintelligent, while theists believe that the something which created the universe is intelligent.

Theists have faith that the intelligence of the somethingness that created the universe is exactly what allows it to have existed forever and allows it to continue to exist. The theist somethingness has reason to exist, therefore it does.

Atheists must have faith in somethingness that has no intelligence, no reason to exist, no reason to create, and no reason to continue to exist. There is no logic that can or will ever account for the existence of anything under an atheist somethingness.

It is logical to choose the theist somethingness.