2 Major Ways the Separation of Church and State is being Violated

True separation of Church and State looks a little differently than what the State wants you to believe. When the influence on your morality and the fulfillment of your physical and spiritual needs do not originate from a separate entity than the State, you have lost the battle. These are, and were supposed to be, the crucial roles of the Church; to remain separate from the State. By allowing the State to take the role of the Church, the state has become the Church.

1. Morality should originate from Faith.

There are two potential sources for societal morality we will examine.
  • Morality determined by politicians whose job it is to lie to the public.
  • Morality determined any other way.
The first option is wrong for obvious reasons. Politicians who are attempting to increase their power and appeal to their lobbyists are probably not authorities in determining right from wrong. Additionally, governments as a whole are known for their willingness to change their morality to fit their agendas.

Obviously, some of the things the US does overseas are not morally sound. We blow people up without putting them on trial. Seems a little backward compared to our legal system. Many of the things foreign governments do are violations of basic human rights.

Governments are extremely fallible and all of them are guilty of violating even the most severe of their own laws.

Yet individuals have all the same flaws. We are naturally greedy, want power, seek pleasure, and violate many of our own moral prohibitions.

I'm not suggesting that a specific church should determine the morality of society, because there are many churches who have done extremely bad things out of a false sense of righteousness. The problem with them is that their morality is derived from individual members of their church rather than the application of their faith or a prayerful meditation over scripture.

Take for instance, in considering where our source of morality should be, slavery in the history of the US. There were thousands of practicing Christians who believed racism to be wrong, and took actionable steps toward freeing slaves well before the US Government did anything to prohibit slavery. In fact, the Government made it illegal to assist runaway slaves.

Essentially what I'm insinuating is that the laws of our society should come second in every person's life to the application of their faith, which is quite obviously not happening today. Think, for instance, about the gay rights activists who are furious at Christians for not approving of their every action. Legalization of gay marriage would not be an issue if the government was not involved in marriage in the first place. Marriage is supposed to be a highly religious ceremony, not a governmental event. This is a great example of a moral issue that the government is interfering in that should be determined in other playing fields.

2. Private Charity reigns Supreme.

First of all, Jesus called the church to be the hands and feet of himself. He instructed us, as private individuals, to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and heal the sick. This is a fundamental tenant of Christian faith. The government is clearly taking the place of the Church in this aspect, and doing it very poorly.

For one, private charity is far more meaningful to those that receive it. There is something far more influential in a person's life to receive a gift from a face rather than a giant money-sucking entity. Most people, upon receiving a gift from another person, no matter how small, are extremely grateful. Most people, upon receiving a government entitlement, feel like they should have received more. There is no gratefulness because the government didn't earn the money they are giving away.

Imagine somebody stealing a car right in front of you, then handing you the keys and saying, "Happy Birthday." That is essentially what the government does when it takes money from people and uses it for wealth transfers.

Secondly, private charity comes attached with a message. If I give a charitable donation to a foundation, I expect them to relay my message to the people they gift. First of all, I want those people to know my Faith so that they may experience eternal salvation. Secondly, I want those people to know that they are loved and have people rooting for them to succeed. Thirdly, I want those people to know that I demand that they work their hardest to get out of their unfortunate situation.

Finally, private charity is infinitely more efficient than the government. Bill Gates has nearly eliminated polio from multiple African nations using a few billion dollars. The government has done almost nothing to solve our economic problems with a few trillion dollars. 

How can we solve the problem?

We need to downsize the government however possible. Tell them to stop regulating private industry to enforce their "moral" standards upon it. If individuals have a moral qualm with a business or industry, they should simply not buy from them. The company will lose business and learn from their mistake naturally. Second, stop government entitlement waste. Essentially, every dollar the government doesn't spend is a dollar that can be efficiently used in private charity. Every dollar the government doesn't take from the middle class is a dollar they can use to establish financial margins so that they can be far more charitable than the amount of taxes they would have payed.