Remove God from the Nation; Make the Nation your God.

If you remove God from the nation, you risk making the nation your God.In the debate over whether US currency, documents, and the Pledge of Allegiance should contain the word "God" in them, there is one factor that I think is being missed by both sides.

When the founders of our country established this nation, they did not intend it to be the greatest authority in the lives of its citizens. They thought of the nation as a tool to protect the people and unify the efforts of smaller state governments into a force that could withstand attack from other nations.

When the founders referred to "God" in the documents that established the authority of the United States, they were not being spiritual or trying to create a national religion. They used God as a technique to show that the nation should never be the greatest authority in a person's life. When we use God in the pledge, " nation, under God..." we are admitting that this nation should be subject to forces beyond itself. That is, this nation should never be the greatest authority in the lives of those who pledge to it.

The founders were highly educated men. They knew history, and the history of those governments that made itself God in the lives of its citizens. The Roman Imperial Cult and Egyptian Pharaohs are two types of authorities that the founders would have known all about. Both of them existed as the highest authority of its people, and both of them were guilty of forcing people to worship them.

Fast forward a few hundred years and find a nation that has inflated beyond the scope of what the founders could have ever imagined. Find a nation that throws billions of dollars around as if it is pocket-change. This is a nation that holds more power than any single man can resist by himself. This is a nation that could, with a couple adjustments to our nation's documents, make itself the God of its people.

God in the constitution and currency of our nation serve as a prevention mechanism. It prevents the nation from being able to claim itself as divinity. It prevents a certain sort of power that history warns us against.

I submit that we should leave the word "God" in our official documents and currency, not because I think we should have a national religion, but because I don't trust the nation to not become its own religion.