How my Local Police Cadets Program Turned me into a Libertarian

This government car probably cost a ton more than a normal car.I'm not going to rant and claim that the police are abusive or too powerful. Instead, I'm going to rant and claim that the police are wasteful. Extremely wasteful to be exact.

During my time at the police cadets, they bought me tickets to Six Flags, gave me a full-body outfit and jacket made of quality material, purchased dinners, sponsored events, paid labor to the police who oversaw the program, and did all sorts of other things with taxpayer money.

And what did the program accomplish? Absolutely nothing.
I never served the community, I hardly learned anything about law enforcement, and nothing I did there holds any significant long-term value.

Essentially, I learned that my local police is extremely wasteful with taxpayer money. I quit after a few months of the program because I felt guilty being a part of an organization that takes money from people by the force of taxes and uses it to fund things so wasteful as the police cadet program.

This isn't just a police problem unfortunately. Local government waste is just the tip of the iceberg. The larger the government body, the more inefficient and wasteful they tend to be.

They have no incentive to be efficient. Really, it is as simple as that. Government employees get assigned a budget, and they use the entire budget every time.

So thanks, police cadet program, for allowing me to see the truth. For giving me first-hand access to the problem and allowing me to see the solution.

By the way, those expensive clothes the police gave me? Still sitting folded in my house; unworn.