Spring Allergies: A Small Dosage of Humility

I've got a lot of things going for me during the winter. I'm good looking, a genius, hilarious, good looking, an all around fantastic person, good looking, and I love puppies.

Then nature happens.

My nose gets red and stuffy, my eyes turn bloodshot, I can't focus on schoolwork, and I lose tons of sleep to constant sneezing, wheezing and sinus pressure, and I start to get random cravings for puppy sandwiches.
Essentially, all of the things I might be patting myself on the back about can be taken away from me with the smallest of God's creation. A little dosage of pollen is enough to knock me off my high-horse and send me scurrying to a box of tissues.

That's right. A single flower can get the best of me. How's that for humility?

There are two lessons I take from my spring allergies:

1. I should probably move to a dessert, Antarctica, or the middle of the ocean.

2. My own strength is nothing compared to God's. If God wants to create flowers, so be it. Maybe that's why he gave me seasonal allergies. To keep me mindful of his power and influence in my life.

No matter how successful I am, no matter where I go or what I accomplish, I am no better than anybody else because my strength is not my own. . 

I owe Him my strength, I owe Him my intellect, I owe Him my humor, and I even owe Him my devilishly good looks.