How Blind Faith is Killing your Religion

What if I told you that faith and blindness are not mutually inclusive concepts? In other words, being blind isn't a requirement for faith, and being faithful doesn't require blindness.

Don't kill Christianity...
Despite popular belief, the strongest believers have very strong reasons for their faith. Maybe they have a personal connection to God, have theological and historical reasons for their belief, or something about the message rings true to their core in a way they can't explain.

That being said, there's a myth permeating culture today that is extremely detrimental to the Christian faith and faith in general. Something isn't right about the way we teach people to believe, completely contrary to the way things should be done.

You see, my dad taught me at an early age that it is perfectly okay to question. It's perfectly okay to seek answers when you doubt something. In fact, he taught me that it is extremely important to ponder the tough issues and come out the other end of a good thinking session with a stronger faith than ever before.

Even with those important ideals from my dad, I was still surrounded by a church environment that completely rejected certain facts of science such as the age of the Earth and anything dealing with evolution. In fact, and this will shock you, I was told that Pokemon was evil because it mentioned evolution. I believed it too.

I'm lucky I had my dad's influence in my life, the part that made my faith a product of logic, and personal experience rather than the word of a preacher, and I eventually understood that Pokemon was in fact not evil, and science is not completely wrong about everything.

While I don't believe all of the things taught in science textbooks (mostly because they are written with an assumption that the supernatural cannot exist and anything that even slightly hints toward the supernatural is purged from our school system), there are certain truths that are simply undeniable. Those truths, are truth. Simple as that. God tells us He is the truth, and anytime we reject The Truth we are literally rejecting God.

So it's pretty easy to see why having reason for your faith makes it stronger, but the opposite is true as well. A blind faith, one with little reasoning, is easily broken and potentially a cause for rejecting God as was the case in my childhood. Here's why.

With Blind Faith, Your Christianity is Pure Luck.

If your faith is blind, then it is your circumstance, nothing else that makes you believe in God. It is a matter of luck that you were born in the USA and had either a Christian family or Christian friends that shared their faith with you. If you were born anywhere else, and you have blind faith, then you would have had faith in whichever religion was shared with you.

Do you think Christianity is the only religion that pushes faith? Not even close. If you were born in an Islamic country, and were told to have blind faith in Allah, you would.

Let me use an example. I was riding in a bus on a debate trip. The bus driver asked what radio station we wanted to listen to, and I told her the number for a Christian station. She had no idea it was a Christian station, but I decided it would be a great opportunity to share with my fellow debate students what I believe. A Hindu friend of mine was sitting next to me. He asked, because he instantly figured out what I was doing, if I honestly believed in Christianity. I asked back, do you honestly believe in Hinduism? He said no, he just practices it because his parents told him to have faith that it was true.

While most people with blind faith wouldn't admit to not really believing in their religion, this is an illustration of how fragile a faith is when someone has only the word of their elders to go on. This friend of mine was born to a Hindu family and therefore was told to have blind faith in Hinduism.

Blind Faith is a Package Deal.

This isn't solely a problem with Hinduism. There's a reason young people leave the Church in droves. They were told to believe blindly in whatever was taught by their elders. Once certain portions of that faith started to be revealed as false, maybe scientific flaws or Biblical interpretations or even theological concepts, their entire faith fell apart.

Why do you think there's still the whole Ken Ham lot out there who refuse to accept scientific fact? Their faith hinges on the full package being true. That is, they need the full package handed to them by their elders to be true in order for the core principles of their religion to be true.

If the word of the people who initiated their blind faith fails on some issues, what is to stop the rest of their word from failing?

That's how myths and falsehoods carry down through the generations despite contrary evidence. That's why the Church is so slow to change. We refuse to let a single part of our package faith slip, for fear that the whole package may crumble.

That, truly, is killing our religion. We need a 20/20 faith. One that sees the world for what it is. One that relies on finding and defining personal evidence to build an adaptable, strong foundation for a solid belief in the Truth. One that gets strengthened by being torn down and rebuilt.

Restore Christianity with a 20/20 Faith

I don't know about you, but I'm no longer standing for blind faith. My faith comes not from the word of man, but from what stands as absolute truth. What faith will you stand for?