Equality is Unfair

Usually, you hear people say "life is unfair" when things seem unequal. That is, if someone else is better off than someone else, that is usually the occasion where you'll hear third parties spouting off their counter-comforting statement.

I disagree. If things were perfectly equal, that would truly be unfair. Let me explain.

I could list tens of situations where one person being treated the same as another would be unfair.

For example, a murderer gets sent to prison, and in the spirit of equality we force everyone to go to prison.

That would be ridiculous, right?

On the same token, giving a person $10 for a cheeseburger that they worked hard on makes sense.

Giving a random dude on the street $10 just because I want him to be equal to the cheeseburger guy wouldn't make sense.

That's how it should work. The cheeseburger guy should be better off financially than an identical person who, all else equal, doesn't sell cheeseburgers.

So equality in the socialist sense of the word is silly. It simply doesn't make sense and it isn't fair. Cheeseburger guy should get the cash he deserves. He shouldn't be forced to give his money away to someone who never produces cheeseburgers.

What sort of equality do I believe in? Each person I come across should be given a default level of respect just for being a human. Each person should have the opportunity to be the best person they can possibly be.

Equal opportunity, equal benefit proportionate to hard/smart work. That's fair, maybe not possible, but fair nonetheless.

So now that I've redefined fairness, we should all shoot for fairness. Each person should get what they are due, right?

No, I don't shoot for fairness. I shoot for treating people better than they are due. That's the spirit of Christ dying on the cross for us. We don't deserve it. It isn't fair, but he did it anyways.

In order to follow his example, it's our job to treat people better than they are due. We should sacrifice what we are due for the benefit of people who don't deserve it.

Our sacrifice, should be done from a state of freedom; not force. Nobody should force us to sacrifice, or it isn't truly sacrifice. It's the government's job to be fair, not to force us to sacrifice.

The government's job to to give us the freedom to earn what we are due, and give us the freedom to give our things to whomever we please.

Grace is our individual duty. We are called, as followers of Jesus, to follow his example and give people what they aren't necessarily due.

We aren't called force other people to be graceful. That's defeats the entire purpose, and it isn't possible without being unfair and stealing what those people are due in the first place.

So in order to create the most fair atmosphere possible, it makes sense to not value equality in the socialist sense.