101 Things to Do While In the Hallways at School

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Hilarious Hallway Antics

WARNING: Fulfilling any of these may and probably will cause you to be beaten senseless by many people. In fact, you'll probably want some extra cash to pay for face repairs.

1. Wear big clothes with countless pillows underneath so you take up as much space as possible.
2. Grease the floors to "Speed Up" the rate people travel.
3. Hold your cellphone to your ear and talk in an extremely loud voice. When people ask you what to heck you're doing, answer "They are way at the other end of the hallway." or something to that effect.
4. Crouch down as if you're on skis and act like you're going off jumps and doing tricks.
5. Wear pilots gear, goggles and fancy hat, and make airplane noises while holding your hand as if on a steering wheel.
6. Scream "Hey, look at that." and count how many people turn their head.
7. Release your gas.
8. Walk in the oncoming lane and yell at everyone who gets in your way.
9. Carry a huge poster board  and say "It's for a project." Change directions and hit people with board for extra effect.
10. Yell "Holy cow, someone wrote 'gullible' on the ceiling!" and see how many people look up.
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11. Write "Gullible" in huge letters on the ceiling. See how many people refuse to look up.
12. Make a toll booth near your locker and store your cash in there.
13. Gather a few friends. Everyone dress up in robes and smack yourselves in the forehead with wooden planks while chanting "Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem. Dona eis requiem sempiternam."
14. Take a cart from Wal-Mart and go cart skidding down the hallways (this is actually stealing, so it isn't recommended.) Check out this hilarious article about cart skidding - Cart Skidding at Wal-Mart "A New National Sport?"
15. Get two huge fans and a ton of feathers. Set them up on both sides of the hallway.
16. Hand out fliers falsely saying that tomorrow is bring your pet to school day.
17. Sell cotton candy like the people at Baseball Games.
18. Put a speaker in your locker connected to a wireless microphone. Speak from inside your locker saying things like "Help! I'm trapped in this locker."
19. Crawl on all fours.
20. Try to subliminal message people to make them pull the fire alarm. Stare awkwardly.
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21. Go Christmas caroling to each classroom door.
22. Trick-or-Treat to each classroom door.
23. Tell people to follow the (Whatever color the hallway floor is) tile, carpet, or whatever it is.
24. Mark the hallway at 10 yard intervals then sprint down it and act like you get tackled.
25. Play limbo in the middle of the hall.
26. Use your left and right turn signals when switching lanes.
27. With a friend, act like you are in a serious Nascar race and make motor sounds while you hold a fake steering wheel.
28. Tap a stranger in the shoulder, then pass them on the side opposite of that shoulder. They will be confused.
29. Play Marco Polo with your eyes closed in the hall. See how many random people answer your Marcos with their own Polos.
30. Make bird calls while you walk.
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31. Drop your pencil and pick it up ever 5 seconds.
32. Carry an old timepiece and proclaim "I'm late for a very important date."
33. Punch someone and see if they notice.
34. Try to imitate the exact walk of the person you are walking behind.
35. Carry a large scroll and make a proclamation from the principal.
36. Slide a card into every locker telling the name, place, and time of an imaginary event.
37. Turn around and walk backwards the entire way to class.
38. Turn off the lights and scream.
39. Turn the lights back on and breath a huge sigh of relief.
40. When you keep cut someone off, then slam on your brakes and see if they get mad.
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41. Roll a bowling ball down the hall and see how many pins (people) you knock down.
42. Set up a poker table and play your favorite card game with random people.
43. Scream "Fight" and point in a random direction.
44. Unzip everyone's backpacks.
45. If you are talking to a friend, keep switching the side that you are walking by them.
46. Put gigantic posters on the walls advertising toiletries.
47. Place easter eggs in random places and hold a contest.
48. Convince your teacher to hold class in the hallways.
49. Carry around a ruler and measure the volume of peoples backpacks. Then, divide that volume in inches by their ages and tell them their level of smartness.
50. Borrow a projector from a classroom and play the Wii on the hallway wall. Scream at anyone who gets in your way.
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51. Build a wall in the middle of the hallway and make people climb over it.
52. Sing "Lean on Me" dramatically and see how many people join in.
53. Stand shoulder to shoulder with multiple people and stop in the middle of the hallway.
54. Write "I know your secret" on a piece of paper and stick it in a random locker
55. Release a ton of wild mice into the hallways so people freak out and such.
56. Put a fog machine in the midst of the hallway.
57. Have a huge strand of toilet paper coming out of your locker.
58. Put fancy flower wallpaper on the walls.
59. Drink from a water fountain for 5 min.
60. Using your cellphone, stop when you get a text and stop while you text people.
61. Ask people if you can borrow their backpacks and start constructing a pyramid.
62. Act like you are about to fist-bump people but at the last second, open your hand and say "paper beats rock."
63. Draw the chalk outline of a person on the floor and put caution tape around it. Act like a detective with a notebook and magnifying glass.
64. Play an extremely long game of hopscotch. Number the squares from 1 to 1000.
65. Get three people and yourself to carry a board with a chair on it as if it is a throne. Find a random stranger to sit on that chair.
66. Sit on a chair with a board under it. Find four random strangers and make them carry it.
67. Make the most annoying sound you can possibly think of at full volume the entire way down the hall.
68. Create a giant skateboard and have as many people as possible on it at once.
69. Yell "Hey, you with the face!" See how many people have faces.
70. Sprint from one classroom to the next all the way down the hallway.
71. Take a survey on the number of people who are attending school at "insert school name here."
72. Rein-act a Civil War battle scene.
73. Drop banana peels in random places and see how many people slip and fall.
74. Place tons of crickets in the halls and see how loudly they start chirping.
75. Purposefully run into someone, then say "Dude, why did you eat that muffin without a winter coat?"
76. Randomly start clapping when a random person walks by.
77. Start a fight with your friend until people circle around you and start yelling stuff. Then, suddenly stop and walk away together.
78. Start a fight with a random stranger, then stop fighting and ask "Doo' why you be hatin'?" (If you don't understand this gangsta language, please go to this hilarious article - How to Speak Gangsta
79. Throw paper airplanes over people's shoulders and right next to their head. See if then notice.
80. Measure the exact angle of the floor using a huge Level. Make sure every tile is perfectly flat.
81. Do your math homework (see...it is funny because.... never-mind...)
82. █R█e█p█e█a█t█e█d█l█y█ t█u█r█n█ t█h█e█ l█i█g█h█t█s █o█f█f█ a█n█d█ o█n█. Stand in a different position each time the lights turn back on.
83. Spin around down the hall swinging your backpack everywhere. Try not to hit people.
84. Do your science homework (sorry, just want to make sure you are paying attention.)
85. Conduct an illegal cloning experiment on students until there are so many students that the teachers are unable to grade all of their homework.
86. Cover the entire hallway floor with soil, then plant grass and trees.
87. Kick people in the back of the knees and see if they get angry.
88. Yell "That person is disgusting!" and see how many people turn around and think it is them.
89. Sell pre-chewed on pencils so that people don't have to do it for themselves.
90. Walk down the hall on stilts with pants on them so people think you are really tall.
91. Put posters of lolcatz on the hallway walls. Then, people won't be watching where they are going and will crash.
92. Say "Free Candy" then give people a crumb of some sort of candy.
93. Crawl under the legs of all the slow walkers to pass them.
94. Collect tons of pieces of paper and throw them all over the hallway. Try to create a paper tornado.
95. Learn how to fly, then fly over everyone's heads in the hallway so then people can say, "Wow, that guy can fly!"
96. Use a compass and a torch to navigate despite the fact that it's bright.
97. Paint a realistic mural of an open door on the wall and put a room number on top of it.
98. Repeat everything the person who is walking in front of you says.
99. Kick your backpack from one class to another like a giant rock.
100. Start chanting something meaningless and see if people will join in.
101. Tell all of your friends about these hilarious things to do in the hallway, and see if they laugh. If they don't, give them a wedgie.
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